September 2019 Meetings of ANC 6B

September 2019 Meetings of ANC 6B

ANC 6B will have its September Meeting on September 10, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Hill Center (921 Pennsylvania Ave SE).

Draft Agenda:

  1. Introduction
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Consent Agenda
    1. July Minutes
    2. Alcohol Beverage Control Committee
      1. ABRA- 085710: 1007 8th Street, SE; Canal 5, LLC, The Brig; Substantial Change: Application to add Sports Wagering to their operations. Establishment will have one teller, two self-service kiosks, and geo-fenced applications for phones while on the premises; Applicant: Mark Brody, Managing Member, (202) 316-9850; Petition Deadline: 09/23/2019 [6B04]
    3. Planning & Zoning Committee
      1. Payne School Public Art; Applicant: Danica Petroshius. ANC support letter for grant application.
      2. HPA 19-546: Congressional Cemetery, 1801 E Street SE; One-side porch addition and associated paving;
      3. HPA 19-538: 715 North Carolina Ave SE; remove rear addition and construct new addition, convert from 2 unit to SFD; Applicant: Ryan Amons, [6B02]
      4. BZA 20102: 1429 D Street, SE; Special Exception; special exception to permit a one-story existing accessory structure at the rear of an existing, attached principal dwelling unit in the RF-1 Zone at premises 1429 D Street S.E. (Square 1062, Lot 105); Owner: Kelly Guhr,; Applicant: Jennifer Fowler,, 202-546-0896; Hearing Date: 09/25/2019 [6B06]
      5. Potential ANC 6B Map Amendment to rezone the triangle bounded by 12th St, Southeast Boulevard, and the Anacostia River from high intensity industrial uses (PDR-4) to medium density mixed use riverfront zoning (MU-11) [6B06]
    4. Transportation Committee
      1. Request to DDOT to Relieve Congestion at 3rd and Virginia Ave SE
  4. Presentations
  5. Community & Commission Announcements & Speak Out
  6. Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee
    1. ABRA-090240: Balkan Concepts LLC d/b/a Ambar; 523 8th St SE; Substantial Change Application to expand to 3rd floor, adding 56 additional seating and increasing total occupancy from 140 to 196; Petition Deadline: tbd [6B03]
    2. ABRA-105990: 1023 East Capitol Street, SE; Wineandbutter, LLC, Wine and Butter; Substantial Change: Request for a Class Change from Retailer “B” to Retailer’s Class “B” Full-Service Grocery store; Applicant: Risa Hirao, (202) 544-2200; Petition Deadline: 10/07/2019 [6B05]
    3. ABRA-113525: 320 7th Street, SE; Hine Restaurants LLC, TBD; New Retailer’s Class C Restaurant with a seating capacity of 230 and Total Occupancy Load of 400 and Summer Garden with 150 seats; Hours Of Operation For Inside Premises And Outside In Summer Garden: Sunday through Thursday 7am – 12am, Friday and Saturday 7am – 2am; Hours Of Alcoholic Beverage Sales, Service, And Consumption For Inside Premises And Outside In Summer Garden: Sunday through Thursday 8am – 12am, Friday and Saturday 8am – 2am; Applicant: Sidon Yohannes, Esq., (202) 686-7600; Petition Deadline: 07/29/2019 [6B02]
    4. UPDATE: ABRA-112072: District Soul Food Restaurant & Lounge L.L.C. District Soul Food; 500 8th St SE; Class “CR” Restaurant License Renewal; Applicant:; Status Hearing: 09/18/2019; Petition Deadline: 10/30/2019[6B04]
  7. Planning & Zoning Committee
    1. Public Space Permit application #332690: Eastern Market Metro Plaza Parks. Applicant: DGS. Public space permit for permanent improvements. Hearing Date: 09/26/2019 [6B02]
    2. Public Space Permit application #10746164 – 715 8th Street SE; Add Furniture/Equipment to Cafe Plans [6B03]
    3. BZA 20090: 224 South Carolina Ave SE; Area variance for second story rear addition; Applicant: Marc and Dale, Hearing Date: 9/11 [6B01]
    4. BZA 20106: 328 Kentucky Ave, SE; Special Exception/Variance: special exception to construct a two-story, principal dwelling unit addition on an existing retail use building in the RF-1 Zone at premises 328 Kentucky Avenue, S.E.(Square 1039S, Lot 17); Owner: Jorge Ventura; Applicant: Jeff Goins,, 202-549-2595; Hearing Date: 09/18/2019 [6B06] – Deferred at the request of applicant – new date tbd
    5. Comments on HPRB Draft Sustainability Guidelines; Guidelines are written by OP and accepted by HPRB. The guidelines were delayed by two months to allow for extra comment from ANCs and DOEE. Link: [All ANCs] Deferred by request of Department of Energy and Environment – new date TBD
  8. Transportation Committee
    1. NOI 19-174-PSD—Installation of Curbside bike and scooter parking “corral.”
  9. Hill East Task Force
  10. Livable Community Task Force
  11. Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee Report
  12. Working Group on Barracks Row
  13. Financial
    1. Treasurers Report
  14. ANC 6B Administrative Matters
  15. ANC 6B Input on Other Concerns
  16. Adjournment

PLEASE NOTE: At regular Commission meetings, any item may be removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda at the request of a single Commissioner. All ABC, BZA, Zoning, and Historic Preservation cases may be added to this agenda. For additional information, email, or visit ANC 6B’s website:

The ANC 6B Committee will meet on September 24, 2019 at 7:00 PM to set the October 2019 agenda. This meeting is held in the Frager’s Conference Room, 3rd Floor, the Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

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