ANC6B Announces Accelerator Grant Program

COVID-19 has introduced new challenges for everyone: organizations, merchants, restaurants, and individuals.

One unusual impact of COVID-19 on our ANC is the challenge to respond to the DC Council’s encouragement to use a portion of our funds “to support organizations providing humanitarian relief, including food or supplies.”

ANC6B is rising to the occasion and has allocated $45,000 of its administrative reserve to support a program of grants to organizations providing humanitarian relief. We recognize that this is a very modest effort in the face of the havoc of the pandemic, but we hope it will be a significant contribution to the important work being undertaken by the grant recipients.

Organizations serving Capitol Hill and Ward 6 can download a grant application at the bottom of this page, or can request an application from The suggested request range for grants is between $5K and $15K; the first round submission date is July 13. We will continue to accept submissions for the next round which ANC 6B will evaluate in September.

Please note that in offering a grant project designed to address an emergency, ANC6B is most interested in funding organizations with programs already in place — those who can use the grant funds immediately to accelerate their humanitarian efforts.

For additional information about the grant program please contact Commissioner Jerry Sroufe at

ANC 6B COVID-19 Grant Application