ANC6B Announced Accelerator Grant Program has come to a close.

Congratulations to our ANC 6B Accelerator Grant Recipients!

We are very excited to announce the 2020 recipients of ANC 6B Announced Accelerator Grants. This year, we have awarded $45,000 to organizations for providing humanitarian relief to residents of ANC 6B and Ward Six. The activities of these projects such as providing PPE and sanitation supplies, coupled with other resources, will provide a wonderful benefit to our community. It is our pleasure to recognize their contributions with these small and simple projects.

• Serve Your City
• Capitol Hill United Methodist Church
• Lighthouse DC
• Everyone Home DC
• Capitol Community Partners
• Eastern Market Main Street

ANC6B is rising to the occasion and has allocated $45,000 of its administrative reserve to support a program of grants to organizations providing humanitarian relief. We recognize that this is a very modest effort in the face of the havoc of the pandemic, but we hope it will be a significant contribution to the important work being undertaken by the grant recipients.

Please note that in offering a grant project designed to address an emergency, ANC6B funded organizations with programs already in place — those who can use the grant funds immediately to accelerate their humanitarian efforts.

This grant program has ended. Thank you for you interest.