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February 2021 Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting

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  1. BZA 20403: 1381 Potomac Ave SE [6B07] Two-story rear addition. Special exceptions for lot occupancy (53% Current, 60% by right, 70% proposed) and 10 foot rule (10’8” past one adjoining property, 11’3” past the other.
    Applicant: Benton Wisehart and Laura Hruby
    Architect: Jennifer Fowler
    Hearing Date: 3/10/21
  2. BZA 20409: 102 9th Street SE [6B05] Penthouse addition for a stairway to roof deck. Special exceptions for general penthouse regulations in RF-1 zone
    Applicant: Joseph and Elizabeth Lunsford
    Architect: Derrick Sieber
    Hearing Date: 3/10/2021
  3. BZA 20415: 515 10th St SE [6B04]
    HPA 20-518: Second story addition to existing accessory buildings/garage and stairwell. Special exception to lot occupancy (63.4% existing, 60 by right, 64.6% proposed. Concept review for addition on alley.              
    Applicant: James Francis Smyth
    Architect: Lacy Brittingham
    Hearing Date: 3/17/2021 [BZA], 2/25/2021 or 3/4/2021 [HPRB]
    (Drawings the same for both BZA and HPRB)
  4. HPA 21-177: 631 G St SE [6B03] Concept: Second Story Addition to Existing Garage
    Applicant: Yvonne Vanderhoof
    Architect: Richard Lyew
    Hearing Date: 2/25/2021 or 3/4/2021
    HPO Box:
  5. HPA 21-180: 320 9th Street SE [6B05] Concept: Two-Story side and rear addition
    Applicant: Karl Gruss, Anna P. Hayes
    Architect: Brian Quinn
    Hearing Date: 2/25/2021 or 3/4/2021
    HPO Box:
  6. ZC 21-02: Removing IZ Exemption from NC-6 Zone
    Text amendment to add Inclusionary Zoning bonus height to NC-6 Zone (45 feet by right, 55 feet with IZ).
    Hearing Date: Unscheduled (May be moved to later date)
  7. ANC 6B Letter on HPRB Treatment of heights of alley and accessory buildings
    Draft Letter: