Eastern Market Metro Park

Letter to Public Space Committee Re: Application #333326 – Eastern Market Metro Park, 700 Pennsylvania Ave SE

As voted on at the September 18th Special Call Meeting with a quorum present, an official letter to the Public Space Committee regarding Public Space application #333326, Eastern Market Metro Park, can be found at the link below. Any questions on this matter can be directed to the contact information provided in the letter.

Public Space #333326_Eastern Market Metro Park Project_700 Penn Ave SE

ANC 6B Special Call Meeting on Eastern Market Metro Park Project

DATE:Wednesday, September 18th
TIME: 7:00PM – 9:30PM
LOCATION: The Corner Store Arts, 900 South Carolina Avenue SE


  1. Brief Summary of the Plans submitted by DGS to the DC Public Space Committee
  2. Comments and questions by members of the Community
  3. Commissioners’ discussion and finalization of draft text of ANC6B’s submission to the Public Space Committee re the EMMPP application.
  4. Vote of ANC6B on final text of Review Submission.

For questions or to provide written comments prior to the meeting please email to 6b05@anc.dc.gov copied to 6b@anc.dc.gov.

More comprehensive Information on the project can be found here.
Eastern Market Metro Park Graphic Summary (08-30-2019)

Meeting on redevelopment of the Eastern Market Metro Plaza (Full Concept Plans)

DATE: Wednesday, July 17th
TIME: 7:00 pm to 9:00pm
LOCATION: 700 Pennsylvania Ave SE – The Yard, Ground Floor Conference Room

The ANC6B Livable Communities Task Force invites you to a forum to discuss plans for redevelopment of the Metro Plaza.

The Livable Communities Task Force will hold a meeting on Wednesday, July 17th at 7pm in the Frager’s Meeting Room at the Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

The purpose of the meeting will be to plan the process for ANC6B formal review of the DC Dept of General Services Eastern Market Metro Project (EMMP) submission to the DC Public Space Committee (PSC). The EMMP project is scheduled to be considered by the PSC at its August 22nd hearing. The deadline for submission of ANC6B’s review to the PSC is August 16th.

Below please find a set of the documents provided by DGS to the PSC as part of its public space permit construction permit application including a graphic representation of the final DGS plan.

Eastern Market Metro Park Current Concept Plan (06-19-2019)
Eastern Market Metro Park Schematic Plan (06-28-2019)

Task Force Meeting Agenda

  1. Introduction: Stocktaking of process to date and summary of current DGS design plan submitted to PSC.
  2. Current Status of DGS Transportation Study
  3. Timeline and inputs for preparation of ANC review
    1. Community consultation process and components
    2. Setting objectives and dates for additional community meetings.
    3. Scheduling ANC special call meeting
    4. Preparation and submission of ANC review to PRC
  4. Conclusions and follow up actions.

Community Meeting on redevelopment of the Eastern Market Metro Plaza (EMMP Parcel 4)

DATE: Monday May 13th
TIME: 7:00 pm to 9:15pm
LOCATION: The Corner Store, 900 South Carolina Avenue SE (corner of 9th St SE and South Carolina SE)

The ANC6B Livable Communities Task Force invites you to a forum to discuss plans for redevelopment of the Metro Plaza.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductory Comments
  2. General Impressions of Metro Plaza Design
  3. Metro Plaza as a Crossroads: Connectivity
    1. With Barracks Row
    2. With Eastern Market
    3. With the SE Library
  4. Metro Plaza as a place to “Walk to” rather than “Walk through”
    1. as an urban park
    2. as a venue for special events
  5. Maintenance Planning
  6. Weathering the Construction Phase


Eastern Market Metro Plaza is perhaps the most important public space in our community. It’s the major transit hub both for residents and for visitors to Capitol Hill. More than that, it is, visually, and practically, the gateway to our neighborhood and a crossroads where Barracks Row, Eastern Market, Hine and the businesses along Pennsylvania Avenue meet.

Given all these dynamics, as well as the plaza’s proximity to the SE Library and its layout, size and central location, there is also the potential for the space, in Councilman Allen’s words, to be a place where people “walk to” rather than “walk through”, to act as a kind of town center, serve our community as an urban park and as a venue for special events.

The goal of this forum is to provide an opportunity for community members to meet to exchange views on the future of the Metro Plaza space and share their perspectives on the current design presented by the DGS project team. The DGS team leader, Cassidy Mullen has kindly agreed to participate. There will be no formal presentations. The format of the meeting will be loosely structured to maximize community members participation.

Please find below a link to the latest available design documents from the DGS presentation to the community on April 3rd,, as presented last week to the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC). There are also links to the review of the project undertaken in late March by the Fine Arts Commission as well as a detailed staff report from the NCPC.




The Eastern Market Metro Park Project, managed by the DC Department of General Services (DGS), began the design of the project last Fall. The current project loosely draws on much of the earlier work prepared by a team under the auspices of Barrack Row Mainstreet in 2013-2015. The project’s design includes not only the Metro Plaza but also the local public park to the north of Pennsylvania, the medians in Pennsylvania Avenue and the two access lanes (e.g., “slip lanes”,”porkchops”) from Eighth Street to Pennsylvania Avenue. In addition, the project envisages a number of initiatives which, DGS argues, will improve traffic circulation and pedestrian safety in the area including (i) the closure of the 2 access lanes and their conversion into small parks and (ii) the reversal of direction of the residential 800 block of D Street north of Pennsylvania Ave (currently one way east to west to be changed to one way west to east).

This is the second meeting organized by ANC6B to engage the community on specific components of the EMMPP design. On March 11th, an initial meeting was held which focused specifically on the DGS project’s proposed design for the local public park to the north of Pennsylvania (parcel one). A detailed report of that meeting was shared with the DGS project team and is available at http://anc6b.org/eastern-market-metro-park/

DGS undertook a traffic study in March the results of which have not yet been made public. Once this study is available, ANC6B will hold a third community consultation, focused on DGS proposals regarding parcels the project’s proposal to reverse direction of traffic on the 800 block of D Street SE.

Recent Plans:

*The following link reflects the most recently updated plans provided to the Commission for review as of 03/07/2019
**See pages 25 to 26 for the new proposals for Parcel 1
Eastern Market Metro Park Plaza DGS Proposed Plan 03-06-2019

Eastern Market Metro Plaza – Parcel 1

The ANC 6B’s Livable Communities Task Force held a meeting on Monday, March 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM at The Corner Store (900 South Carolina Avenue SE).

The ANC 6B Livable Communities Task Force invites residents to participate in a discussion of the future plans for the triangular park north of Pennsylvania Ave between 8th and 9th St SE. (known to many residents as the venue of the “plastic park”).

Please visit again for further information on a second meeting to discuss Parcel 4.

Community Meeting on the Public Park between 8th & 9th Streets SE
(EMMP Parcel 1)

DATE: Monday March 11th
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: The Corner Store, 900 South Carolina Avenue SE (corner of 9th St SE and South Carolina SE)

(For those who aren’t familiar, the Corner Store is a community art gallery and venue for concerts directly opposite the northeast corner of parcel one. The location will be posted with a sign. http://cornerstorearts.org/CornerStoreArts/EventsCalendar.html)

Objectives of Meeting:

  • Enable residents to come together for a focused pragmatic discussion of key priorities for the Parcel 1 Park in advance of the anticipated April 3rd public presentation by the DGS team of its final concept plan for the Metro Park Plaza project.
  • Facilitate, where demand exists, communities of interest/working groups to continue a focus in specific areas (such as the playground) in the design phase but also, hopefully as an ongoing process in the utilization of the eventual park space.
  • Provide an opportunity for residents to share their views on the Parcel 1 park with ANC6B commissioners to help inform the ANC’s eventual formal review of the final design and plan for the park as a component of the Eastern Market Metro Project.

Everyone is welcome. There will be no formal presentations. Just a lightly structured forum for discussion. If you haven’t done so already, please try to take a look at the DGS website for the project: https://dgs.dc.gov/page/eastern-market-metro-park-project (plans provided as of 02/05/2019; see above link for most recent proposed plans). It would be useful to familiarize yourself with the parcel 1 proposals incorporated into the February 6th community presentation: https://dgs.dc.gov/publication/february-6-2019-community-meeting-presentation

Meeting on Parcel One

Following a brief introduction of the park and its context, the time will be divided in 20 minute segments tentatively focused on the following subject areas:

  • Children and The Playground (placement within parcel, design, components, accompanying adults, safety )
  • Multi-Generational Uses of the Park (desired activities, types of recreation, social interaction, special needs)
  • Dogs and Their Human Friends (how great is the demand? Any special focus needed? Any scope for a dog run?)
  • Design and Utilization of Green Space: (functionality, esthetics, security, maintenance/sustainability, viability/demand for a community garden space?, lawns vs. astro-turf vs what? )
  • Accommodating Special Events in Parcel 1 (pros & cons, options and implications for space utilization)
  • Keeping the Park Safe (eyes on the park – how can the space be kept active during the day and the evening)
  • Making it OUR Space (installing community art, naming the park, User Associations, Friends of the Park, etc.)

Follow-Up meetings on these or other identified issue areas will be demand driven. None of the topics above can be adequately discussed within the time parameters of one meeting.. There will be sign up sheets for each of these focus areas. ANC6B will encourage and facilitate continuation and deepening of the discussion in any/all of these or other areas of community focus both in context of the project and beyond. Topic-based Listservs based on the sign-up sheets will be initiated and sent to email addresses on the sheets immediately after the meeting and shared with all who wish to join. Discussions can be continued digitally or in separately organized small group meetings.

The DGS parcel one designs can be found at: https://dgs.dc.gov/page/eastern-market-metro-park-project

If you can’t make it to this meeting, but want to participate in specific issue groups or have questions or comments please reach out your ANC commissioner or contact Steve Holtzman, ANC 6B05 (6b05@anc.dc.gov)