Meeting Audio/Video Recordings

If you are looking for an older audio recording, please email for assistance.

*Due to Covid-19 and the transition to all virtual meetings, some recordings are not available. If requested, minutes for those meetings can be provided.


January 11: Full ANC (Video)
January 25: Special Meeting (Video)
January 26: Joint ANC 6A/B/C zoning committee meeting with Office of Attorney General (Video, first 8 minutes missing)
February 8: Full ANC (Video)
March 8: Full ANC (Video)
April 12: Fill ANC (Video)


January 12: Full ANC (Video)
February 9: Full ANC (Video)
February 16: Handle 19 Special Meeting (Video)
March 9: Full ANC (Video)
April 13: Full ANC (Video)
May 11: Full ANC (Video)
June 8: Full ANC (Video)
July 13: Full ANC (Video)
August: No Meetings are held in August
September 14: Full ANC (Video)
October 12: Full ANC (Video)
November 9: Full ANC (Video)
December1: Special Meeting on Redistricting (Video, Missing first 30 minutes limited to Councilmember Intros)
December 14: Full ANC (Video)

VIRTUAL Gun Violence Prevention Panel On Tuesday, October 19 (Video)


January 14: Full ANC (Audio)
February 11: Full ANC (Audio)
March 10: Full ANC*
April 14: Full ANC*
May 12: Full ANC*
June 16: Full ANC*
July 14: Full ANC (Video)
August: No Meetings are held in August
September 8: Full ANC (Video)
October 13: Full ANC (Video)
November 10: Full ANC (Video)
December 8: Full ANC (Video)


January 15: Full ANC (Audio)
February 12: Full ANC (Audio)
March 12: Full ANC (Audio)
April 9: Full ANC (Audio)
May 14: Full ANC (Audio)
June 11: Full ANC (Audio)
July 9: Full ANC (Audio)
August 13: No Meetings are held in August
September 10: Full ANC (Audio)
October 8: Full ANC (Audio)
November 12: Full ANC (Audio)
December 10: Full ANC (Audio)