2023 Correspondence

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Resolutions And Other ANC 6B Correspondence:

ANC 6B Letter Regarding Interim Library Services for Southeast DC

ANC 6B Resolution on Issues at DCHA Properties

ANC 6B Letter Regarding Issues at Potomac Gardens Senior Building

Alcoholic Beverage Control Correspondence:

ABRA-118108: Harvest Tide Capitol Hill DC LLC, t/a Harvest Tide Steak House, 212 7th Street SE- Request for Entertainment EndorsementHarvest Tide Settlement Agreement
Response from ABRA – Board Order for Harvest Tide Steak House- February 1, 2023
ABRA-118108: Harvest Tide Capitol Hill DC LLC, Harvest Tide Steak House, 212 7th Street SE – Request for ABRA to Reconsider ANC6B January Support

ABRA-119954: RRG Catering, LLC t/n: Rose’s at Home, 721 8TH ST SE – Request for NEW Class “B” License for Internet Sales

ABRA-123546, The Italian Job LLC d/b/a Pacci’s Trattoria, 106 13th Street SE – Request for a New Class “CR” Restaurant LicensePacci’s Trattoria Settlement Agreement

ABRA-122788-Hamburger Train, LLC t/a Hill East Burger – Entertainment Endorsement to Retailer’s Class “C” Tavern LicenseHill East Budget Settlement Agreement

ABRA-123414-Mason & Greens DC, LLC t/a Mason & Greens, 400 8th Street, SE; Support for Application for a new Retailer’s Class “B” Full-Service Grocery Store license

Transportation Correspondence: 

Statement for the Record of the March 30 Hearing on the DDOT Budget Regarding the DC Circulator

Letter Regarding Traffic safety measures at crosswalk at 6th and E Streets SE

ANC 6B Better Bus Resolution

8th Street Bus Priority Project Resolution

Planning & Zoning Correspondence:

HPA 23-101: 637 A Street SE

HPA 23-179: 718 North Carolina Ave SE

BZA 20831: 718 North Carolina Ave SE

BZA 20886: 218 D Street SE

BZA 20834: 4-5 Library Court SE

BZA 20870: 1236 Walter Street SE

HPA 23-253: 1236 Walter Street SE

BZA 20905: 706 15th Street SE

HPA 23-286: 235 12th Street SE

HPA 23-356: 202 10th Street SE

BZA 20954: 202 10th Street SE

BZA 20986: 504 4th Street SE

HPA 23-435: 504 4th Street SE

ANC 6B Letter Regarding Hill Center Gathering Terrace

Letter to DOB Regarding 519 6TH Street SE Vacancy Determination

BZA 20959: 223 8th Street SE

HPA 23-439: 116 5th Street SE

BZA 20955: 744 13th Street SE

Request to Formally Name the Alley in Square 969 to “Sladen’s Court”