Financial Reports and Actions


Each year, every Advisory Neighborhood Commission must pass a budget articulating its estimated income and anticipated expenses covering the government fiscal year of October 1 through September 30 of the subsequent year. ANC’s are funded by the District of Columbia using a formula that disperses a percentage of total funds to each ANC based on population. Budgets are typically reviewed and approved in September of each year following the ANC’s August recess.

ANC 6B FY24 Budget and Supplements
Approved at the Tuesday, September 12, ANC Meeting. Please note that due to an OANC software transition, ANC 6B is unable to access its final Fiscal Year carryover to fully finalize its FY24 budget. Once the final carryover costs are correctly entered into the new portal by OANC, ANC 6B will complete a revised budget to account for the FY23 year-end balance.   


  • FY24 Budget Narrative: Provides additional detail on anticipated expenses used to calculate each cost category and the total budget.
  • FY23 Budget: Provides a copy of the prior year approved budget.
  • FY24 Allocations: Provides the full list of allocations for all ANCs.


The monthly Treasurer Report provides the Commission and members of the public updates on the financial standing of the Commission and items that may require commission approval. The report also includes items that may impact the Commission’s financial standing such as engagements with the Office of the DC Auditor or updates on the availability of grants.


Each month, the Treasurer provides the Commission a monthly financial report. This report covers the income (“disbursements”) received by the Commission and expenditures made by the Commission. Each report covers the disbursements and expenditures of the preceding month.

*In April 2023, the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (OANC) began a transition process to a new budget tracking service. During the interim period, some reports may be unavailable or solely available as embedded briefings in the Treasurer’s Report. Impacted reports are denoted with an asterisk. 


ANC 6B operates on a government fiscal year from October 1 through September 30 of the subsequent year. Each ANC’s budget is based on a formula based on population. Funds are distributed quarterly by the District of Columbia government.

In order to receive its quarterly allotment, the ANC is required to submit a Quarterly Financial Report (‘QFR’) to the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (OANC) approved by the Commission. Upon receipt and acceptance, the OANC will transmit a letter to the District of Columbia Treasury authorizing the disbursement of quarterly funds by the District of Columbia Treasury.

*Please note: Due to a change in early 2023 in the software provided by the DC Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (OANC) to ANCs, QFRs for February 2023 and beyond are temporarily produced by OANC or may be slightly delayed due to the implementation new software by OANC. This limits formatting and timeliness of changes. 


Administrative & Communications Services

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B seeks an individual or organization to provide administrative services for approximately twelve hours per week and not exceed 80 hours per month. Reporting to the Chair, these services include preparing agendas and letters, maintaining digital and physical records, updating the website and social media, and assisting with virtual or in-person meeting management. 

Interested respondents may view the full solicitation here.

Key Information

  • Proposal Due Date: Sunday, October 1, 2023, 11:59 p.m. ET to Frank Avery at 
  • Please include “RFP for Administrative Services” in the email subject line.
  • Contact: Frank Avery, 6B01 Commissioner and Treasurer, ANC 6B – 

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, August 30: RFP Published
  • Sunday, September 24, 2023: Deadline for Questions to
  • Sunday, October 1: Deadline for Responses to

All deadlines are effective at 11:59pm ET. Responses received after the deadline will not be considered.