2020 Correspondence

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Alcoholic Beverage Control Correspondence:

To ABRA: ABRA-109778: EI LLC_Mekki; 517 8th ST SE – Support with SA Amendment
To ABRA: ABRA-107078: 713 Partners LLC, Finn McCool’s, 713 8th Street SE – Support with Settlement Agreement Amendment
ABRA-107078: Finn McCools Amendment to Settlement Agreement
To ABRA: ABRA-107131: 514 Partners LLC_Tortuga Caribbean Bar and Grille_514 8th Street SE_Support with SA Amendment
ABRA-107131: Tortuga Amendment to Settlement Agreement

Planning & Zoning Correspondence:

To HPRB: HPA 19-046: 530 11th Street SE – Support
To HPRB: HPA 20-037: 716 L St SE – Support
To HPRB: HPA 20-134: 710 E Street SE_Support
To HPRB: HPA 20-180: 411 New Jersey Avenue SE – Support
To BZA: BZA 20215: 1249 South Carolina Ave SE – Support_
To BZA: BZA 20216: 1624 E Street SE – Support
To BZA: BZA-18701D: 1247 E Street SE – Support
To BZA: BZA-20240: 1330 K Street SE – Support with Comments
To HPO: Historic Landmark Application 20-06: Washington Yacht Club, 1500 M Street SE – Support
To HPO: HPA-20-219: 512 A Street SE – Support
To DDOT Public Space Committee: Public Space Application #10778898, 250 7th Street SE – Support

Transportation Correspondence: 

To DDOT & DGS: ANC 6B Position on the EMMP Transportation Impact Study
To DDOT: AM Rush lane on 900 block of I Street SE
To DDOT: Comments on 2021-2024 State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)
To DDOT: Traffic Signal at 16th & Independence Avenue SE
To DDOT: Public Space Application #343693 – Eastern Market Metro Park Plaza – EMMPP – Phase I
To NCPC: Monumental Core Streetscape Project

Resolutions and Other ANC 6B Correspondence:

To HSEMA: Capitol Hill Classic 2020 – Support
To DC Council: Resolution on the DC Archives
To Councilmember Todd: Resolution B23-0444 – Sexual Harassment Data Collection and Reporting Act of 2019
To DC Council: Resolution Support of Funding In FY2021 Budget To Address Chronic Homelessness
To DPR: Resolution On Friends of Virginia Avenue Park
To DCHA: Resolution On DCHA Plans for Potomac Gardens
To DC Agencies: Request for Information to DC Agencies on Reservation 13
To DDOT: FOIA-03169: DDOT Study on the Intersection on 16th and Independence Ave SE