Ward Redistricting Process Begins

Ward Redistricting Process Begins

With the release of decennial population counts from the Census Bureau, redistricting DC’s 8 Wards has begun. Ward redistricting in the District of Columbia is the remit of the DC Council. The council has created a Subcommittee on Redistricting, chaired by At Large Council Member Elissa Silverman. ANC and SMD redistricting will follow Ward redistricting

Councilmember Silverman’s explainer on the process and the roles of community input is available at https://www.elissasilverman.com/redistricting

The Office of Planning has compiled the population data and has made it available at https://planning.dc.gov/publication/2020-census-information-and-data

The Office of Planning, via the Census, reports that the 2020 population in the District was 689,545 for an average of 86,193. The ward populations before redistricting are as follows:


Geographic area 2020 Population
Ward 1 85,285
Ward 2 81,904
Ward 3 85,301
Ward 4 84,660
Ward 5 89,425
Ward 6 108,202
Ward 7 76,255
Ward 8 78,513