September 2020 Meeting of ANC 6B

September 2020 Meeting of ANC 6B

  1. Introduction:
  2. Adoption of Agenda:
  3. Consent Agenda:
    1. July’s Meeting Minutes
    2. August’s Special Call Meeting Minutes
    3. Letter to DDOT Requesting Status Updates on Traffic Safety Assessments
    4. HPA 20-417: 28 9th St. SE. Third story rooftop addition. Applicant: Ellen Waterhouse. Architect: HxH Architects. 202-997-9909 [6B05]
    5. HPA 20-476: 712 E Street SE. Third story addition at rear; alterations to garage. Applicant: Ray Noviske. [6B03]
  4. Presentations: Ketan Gada – Director of Hill East District Redevelopment
  5. Community & Commission Announcements & Speak Out: DC Power Connect & Empower DC
  6. Planning and Zoning Committee:
    1. HPA 20-464: 610 A St SE. Third story rear addition. Applicant: Jennifer Fowler. [6B02]
    2. 1333 M Street SE PUD ANC Report and MOU
  7. Transportation Committee:
    1.  Support for Pennsylvania Avenue SE Corridor Study
  8. Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee:
    1. ABRA -097707: Nai Saturn Eastern LLC, t/a Safeway, 415 14Th St SE; Renewal of class A Retail – Liquor Store alcoholic beverage license. Applicant: Nai Saturn Eastern LLC; Petition Deadline: 9/14/2020 tbd [6B06]
    2. ABRA -117027: Handle 19 Inc, 319 Pennsylvania Ave SE; class B license – sport betting – Applicant: Shane August & Rudolph August Jr. Petition Deadline: TBA [6B01]
  9. Hill East Task Force:
  10. Livable Community Task Force:
  11. Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee:
  12. Working Group on Barrack’s Row:
  13. Financial:
    1. Treasurer Report – July & August
    2. FY21 budget
  14. ANC 6B Administrative Matters:
  15. ANC 6B Input on Other Concerns:
    1. ANC6B Support Letter for Public Space Application #351323, Eastern Market Metro Park Project 2nd Phase Construction.
    2. PSC letter to DGS with conditional approval of EMMPP dated July 28
  16. Adjournment

ANC 6B will have its Full ANC 6B Meeting on September 8th, 2020 at 7:00 PM. This meeting will be a Webex virtual meeting. Below is the link & Call-In number to join this public meeting.

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PLEASE NOTE: At regular Commission meetings, any item may be removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda at the request of a single Commissioner. All ABC, BZA, Zoning, and Historic Preservation cases may be added to this agenda. For additional information, email, or visit ANC 6B’s website: