May 2023 Transportation Committee Meeting

May 2023 Transportation Committee Meeting

Location: This meeting will be held virtually.

Meeting Link:

Meeting Passcode (Computer or Web App): N2YW99&Lp1

Telephone Dial-In: (301) 715 8592

Meeting ID: 993 5844 9726

Passcode (Phone): 4709669959


  1. DDOT Presentation on Penn/Potomac Intersection Redesign.
  2. DDOT Presentation on Infrastructure Hardening in 6B.
  3. DDOT Presentation on Relocating and Standardizing Commercial Loading Zones in Barracks Row.
  4. Capitol Hill Village Pedestrian Safety Advocacy.
  5. Capitol Hill Sidewalk Survey (
  6. Metro Better Bus Visionary Network (

For additional information, please contact Commissioner Matt LaFortune, Chair of ANC 6B Transportation Committee at