June 2021 ANC 6B Planning & Zoning Committee Meeting

June 2021 ANC 6B Planning & Zoning Committee Meeting


  1. BZA 19616A: 818 Potomac Ave SE [6B04]
    Applicant: Thomas Jefferson Real Estate, LLC     
    Owner: Julio Murillo      
    Attorney: Cary Kadleck      
    Hearing Date: June 30
    Project: Modification of Significance for order 19616 to change the use of the building to short-term rentals and new special exceptions to the loading requirements and bike room shows for an already constructed 49-unit residential building in the NC-6 zone.
    IZIS: https://app.dcoz.dc.gov/CaseReport/CaseReportPage.aspx?case_id=19616A

  2. BZA 20465: 13 7th Street SE [6B02]
    Applicant: Patrick O’Rourke                       
    Architect: Kim Jones      
    Hearing Date: June 23, 2021
    Project: Special Exception to construct a rear addition to existing two-story building (65.5% Current, 60% by-right, 69.8% proposed)
    IZIS Link: https://app.dcoz.dc.gov/CaseReport/CaseReportPage.aspx?case_id=20465

  3. HPA 21-361:241 11th St SE [6B05]
    : Eric Teran, Eustilis Architecture           
    Owner: Karen and John Hayes              
    Hearing Date: June 24 of July 1
    Project: Concept Two-story rear addition. Raze existing one-story garage and build new two-story accessory building.
    HPO Box: https://app.box.com/s/dhn9muwq7e6fqor5v5v40hn1w7yanfma/folder/137991513111

  4. HPA 21-369: 515 5th St SE [6B03]
    : Mellissa Boyette, Old City Design Studio          
    Owner: Cory and Beth Johnson              
    Hearing Date: June 24 or July 1
    Project: Concept Rear 2-story addition to existing 2-story semi-detached building
    HPO Box: https://app.box.com/s/dhn9muwq7e6fqor5v5v40hn1w7yanfma/folder/137992797057

  5. BZA 20486 and HPA 21-363: 647 A St SE [6B02]
    Applicant: Tracey and David Cronlund    
    Architect: Jennifer Fowler           
    Hearing Date: June 30
    Project: Concept Review and Special Exception Two-story rear addition and dogleg infill for lot occupancy (50.3% current, 60% by right, 69.9% proposed)
    IZIS: https://app.dcoz.dc.gov/CaseReport/CaseReportPage.aspx?case_id=20486
    HPO Box: https://app.box.com/s/dhn9muwq7e6fqor5v5v40hn1w7yanfma/folder/137992533147

  6. HPA 21-375: 733 8th St SE [6B03]
    Brian Adams, Dowel-8th Street II LLC  
    Architect: Ronald Schneck Jr              
    Hearing Date: June 24 or July 1
    Project: Concept Review Addition to existing two-story with cellar non-contributing building with cellar to a four-story building with cellar and penthouse. Residential use with potential ground floor retail.
    HPO Box: https://app.box.com/s/dhn9muwq7e6fqor5v5v40hn1w7yanfma/folder/137993023074

  7. HPA 21-324: 900 South Carolina Ave SE [6B05]
    Applicant/Owner: Scott Patterson and Patrick Tangney                 
    Hearing Date: June 24 or July 1
    Project: Concept Review Extension renovations to all visible façades including removal of storefront bays, window alterations, height alterations, and garage changes
    HPO Box: https://app.box.com/s/dhn9muwq7e6fqor5v5v40hn1w7yanfma/folder/135951155831

  8. Potential Appeal of Building Permit B2103902, 1323 E Street SE, Proposed DoorDash DashMart [6B06]
    Property Lessee: Josh Neergaard, Door Dash                    
    Property Owner: John Weintraub
    Permit Set: https://www.coreyholman.com/DoorDashPermit.zip

  9. HPA 21-261 and BZA 20467: 232 10th St SE [6B05]
    Applicant: Geoff Anderson and Harriet Tregoning            
    Architect: Jennifer Fowler              
    Hearing Date: June 23
    Project: Special Exception and Concept Review to construct a three-story rear addition and roof deck to existing two-story building for lot occupancy (68.7% current, 60% by-right, 62.3% proposed) and 10-foot rule (19 feet proposed).
    IZIS: https://app.dcoz.dc.gov/CaseReport/CaseReportPage.aspx?case_id=19616A
    HPO Box: https://app.box.com/s/dhn9muwq7e6fqor5v5v40hn1w7yanfma/folder/133970175233