October 2021 Meetings of ANC 6B

October 2021 Meetings of ANC 6B



  1. Introduction
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Consent Agenda
    1. Planning and Zoning Committee
      1. Letter to HSEMA for 2021 Rock N Roll Half Marathon
      2. BZA 20581: 1241 Independence Ave SE; Special Exception to construct a roof deck addition to an existing, detached, accessory garage in the RF-1 zone (Square 1015, Lot 147); Owner(s): Jennifer Dalzell; Applicant: Matthew Ossolinski, mossolinski@ossolinskiarchitects.com; Hearing Date: 11/10/21 [6B08]
      3. BZA 20560: 1713 D Street SE; Special Exception to construct a third story addition and a three-story rear addition to an existing, attached, two-story, principal dwelling unit rear in the RF-1 zone (Square 1102, Lot 99); Owner(s): Bridget and Michael Sewell; Applicant: Martin Sullivan, msullivan@sullivanbarros.com; Hearing Date: 11/10/21 [6B09]
      4. BZA 20534 & HPA 21-551: 152 11th Street SE; Special Exception to construct a two-story garage with accessory apartment to an existing, attached, three-story with cellar, principal dwelling unit in the RF-1 Zone (Square 989, Lot 24); Owner(s): Edward and Lauren Kraemer; Applicant: Jennifer Fowler, jennifer@fowler-architects.com; Hearing Date: 10/27/21 [6B05]
    2. Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee
      1. ABRA-107131: 514 Partners, LLC, t/a Tortuga Caribbean Bar & Grille, 514 8th Street, SE: Request to expand existing Entertainment Endorsement to the rooftop Summer Garden; Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant; Applicant: William Sport: (202) 846-7728: Petition Deadline: 10/18/21 [6B04]
  4. Presentations
    1. Anthony Diallo, DCRA and Kelsey Coleman, BBB – DCRA Contractor Rating System Partners with Better Business Bureau (more information can be found here.)
    2. Councilmember Elissa Silverman – Redistricting the City (more information can be found here.)
  5. Community & Commission Announcements & Speak Out
  6. Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee
    1. ABRA-117891: Assoc. for the Preservation of Historic Congressional Cemetery, t/a Historic Congressional Cemetery, 1801 E Street, SE: Retailer’s Class “CX” Multipurpose Facility; Applicant: Kimberly Sullivan: (202) 543-0530: Petition Deadline: 11/29/21 [6B09]
  7. Planning and Zoning Committee                               
    1. BZA 20537: 1227 E Street SE; Special Exception to construct a rear, two-story addition to an existing, attached, two-story with cellar, principal dwelling unit in the RF-1 Zone (Square 1019, Lot 58); Owner(s): Margaret McCullough; Applicant: Michael Fowler, mike@fowler-architects.com; Hearing Date: 11/03/21 [6B06]
    2. HPA 21-548: 1007 8th Street SE; Permit Review for deck addition in existing yard at The Brig; Owner: mbrody8@gmail.com; Applicant: Neil Cruickshank, ArchSoILLC@gmail.com  [6B04]
  8. Transportation Committee
    1. TC Report
  9. Hill East Task Force
  10. Livable Community Task Force
  11. Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee
  12. Working Group on Barrack’s Row
  13. Financial
    1. Treasurer’s Report
    2. ANC 6B FY22 Budget
  14. ANC 6B Administrative Matters
  15. ANC 6B Input on Other Concerns
  16. Adjournment

PLEASE NOTE: At regular Commission meetings, any item may be removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda at the request of a single Commissioner. All ABC, BZA, Zoning, and Historic Preservation cases may be added to this agenda. For additional information, email 6b@anc.dc.gov, or visit ANC 6B’s website: www.anc6b.org.

The ANC 6B Executive Committee will meet on October 26 at 7:00 PM to set the November 2021 agenda. This meeting will be a Webex virtual meeting. Meeting link TBA.